Rocky Mountain
Drift Club

450 ft. of certified drifting track.
Right here in the heart of Southern Alberta.

About Us

Located in Claresholm Alberta, Rocky Mountain Drift Club is dedicated to advancing and promoting the sport of drifting. Our historic track is perfect for drifting enthusiasts of all skill levels. Contact us today about becoming a member and view our schedule for upcoming events. Drivers and spectators welcome!

Historic Track

Built in 1941 as an RCAF Station, repurposed In 1951 for a NATO training centre, our track has a longstanding and proud historic legacy.


Memberships are available for single events or the year. Or, feel free to come out and watch the events completely free! See below for more information.


The complete list of events for the 2017 season. See below for information regarding details of events, times, and registry. Visit our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates of all out events!


  • Apr 01 - April Fools Kickoff
    Apr 01
  • Apr 22
    Apr 22


  • May 13
    May 13
  • May 27
    May 27


  • Jun 10
    Jun 10
  • Jun 24
    Jun 24


  • Jul 08
    Jul 08
  • Jul 22
    Jul 22


  • Aug 26 - 27 - Drift Camp Weekend
    Aug 26


  • Sep 09
    Sep 09
  • Sep 23
    Sep 23


  • Oct 07 - Halloween Bash
    Oct 07

Sign up for an event!

Use the registration form below to sign up for a yearly membership or an individual event.


Become a member of the Rocky Mountain Drift Club and join our quickly growing community! Memberships provide full access to events, use of the track, and access to our members only media group. (Additional benefits of being a member here). Our registration fills quickly, so be sure to get your memberships to guarantee your spot on the track!

2017 Club Membership

Yearly memberships are renewed at the beginning of the calendar year and are valid for the entire year.


Click here to register as a driver for an upcoming event. Each event carries an $80 registration fee and you must also have a valid club membership.

Come Out
And Watch

Coming out and watching the events is completely free! See you at the track!

Club Rules & Policies

(Click To View Rules & Policies)

Below is a list of rules and policies the club abides by. Please read and review them and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs on the premises. Will result in an immediate and permanent ban from RMDC.
  2. The speed limit is 30km per hour in the industrial park. Please do not exceed.
  3. No verbal or physical conflict on the premises.
  4. No walking onto the skid pad unless you are an RMDC official or approved media.
  5. You are not permitted to drive on the pad until you have completed the waiver and tech form and have been through a drivers meeting.
  6. No climbing on the bales unless you are an approved media wearing a high visibility vest.
  7. All pets must be on a leash at all times while on the premises.
  8. No littering, Garbage cans are located near the containers.

Rules and policies are subject to change without notice.

Club Rules & Policies

Contact Us

For information regarding registration, memberships, events, or general inquiries, please fill out the form below. Or feel free to call or visit us down at the track during available hours. Our helpful Rocky Mountain Drift Club staff is always happy to answer any questions or listen to any comments you may have.

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Thank You To Our Supporters

From all of us here at Rocky Mountain Drift Club, we would like to proudly give a massive thank you to all our members, fans, and supporters! All our events wouldn't be possible without the overwhelming support of our community. We would like to wish everyone a fun and safe 2017 season. See you on the track!

Thank You To Our Sponsors